French toasted oak chips



I chips FR provengono da roveri francesi maturati 24 mesi all’aria aperta.I chips US provengono da roveri maturati naturalmente all’aria aperta. La forma permette un’estrazione rapida dei componenti volatili nel rispetto della struttura tannica dei vini. I profili di tostatura sono valutati da una Giuria composta d’esperti, per garantirne qualità e riproducibilità.

Fresh tostaura:Chips di rovere francese,della varietà " Quercus Petraea", proveniente unicamente da foreste francesi.


Light tostaura: Delicate and bright, our French oak light toast features vanilla cream, fresh almond, tea and sweet tobacco. It perfectly works with light and medium bodied red wines as it preserves varietals aromas of grapes. It also highlights citrus and mineral notes of fresh white wines and features exotic oak character.


Medium tostaura: Our French oak medium toast provides sweetness and spice in wonderful balance. Fresh vanilla and toffee overlay an aromatic blend of brown spice, graham cracker, cedar, and tobacco. This toast of French oak integrates beautifully with complex, highly structured wines.


Medium plus tostaura: Our French oak medium plus toast maintains a wonderful sweetness while also contributing caramelized and roasted character : Crème brulée, caramel, fresh roasted coffee and subtle smokiness. This toast is bold yet balance and works well with full bodied wines and will contribute to a "baked fruit" finish.

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