StabK® : simply stable

Written by Equipe technique on .

StabK® is aimed at winemakers who are nowadays confronted by the conflicting demands of the market: to deliver as quickly as possible wines that are perfectly stable.
Even more so give the evolution of the production process (increased extraction, shortening of the vinification cycle, early bottling) which makes a natural stability, gained throughout maturation, harder and harder to obtain.

StabK® is a solution of mannoproteins specifically selected for their effect as a “colloid protector” which oppose the phenomena of tartaric crystallisation and precipitations of the colouring matter. These compounds are naturally present in the cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and are extracted by an optimised process which allows to combine, in a liquid formula, efficacity of ease of use.

StabK® reproduces the action of lees stiring and is thus a true “complement to maturation” which perfectly respects the harmony of great wines. Unlike subtractive processes (cold, electrodialysis), StabK® does not alter the natural balance of the wine and thus preserves all the organoleptic qualities.

An addition of StabK® does not create any by-product or energy consumption and the minimal effective dosage can very easily be determined for each wine.

With StabK®, go for sustainable stability.