Solutions for winemaking

With 140 years' experience of developing oenology LAMOTHE-ABIET is inspired by tradition to imagine the future. True to the saying "today's progress is tomorrow's tradition", since 1878 the men and women at LAMOTHE-ABIET have constantly innovated, pushing back the frontiers of knowledge and introducing it to the wine cellars of the whole world.

Our mission: to provide winemakers all over the world with reliable, effective and financially viable solutions to enable them to give expression to their grapes and produce the wines of their dreams.

Our skills: understanding the needs of our customers, anticipating change and developing the corresponding enological products. Innovation is always at the heart of our preoccupations.


Our values

  • Humanity
  • Partnership
  • Determination

Our vision of oenology

  • Technicity
  • Expertise
  • Sustainability


Our strengths

Rigorous, planned and reliable organization

Lamothe Abiet ISO 22000With ISO 22000 certification since July 2008, we were the first in our profession to set up a rigorous traceability management system.
The LAMOTHE-ABIET team is rooted in this dynamic quality procedure: we prioritize food safety and customer satisfaction.

A technical service at the interface between practice and research

Developing and implementing original solutions for our customers; feeding back customer needs to R&D, monitoring and finalizing developments, these are the duties of our technical department.