OenoSolutions : discover our new app !

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Oenosolutions-the new enological app by Lamothe-Abiet.

Available for download on Apple IOS and Android by clicking on the corresponding button:

oenosolutions-google-play oenosolutions-apple-store

User-friendly and easy to access, this app features a virtual assistant for pleasant and swift use.

Its 5 decision-making tools help users in their tasks and help to guide:

  • Yeast nutrition
  • Management of the malolactic fermentation
  • Active SO2
  • Choosing oak for winemaking
  • Restarting stuck fermentations

The app comprises conversion tables and winemaking calculators, such as for acid, chaptalization,etc...

They aid in finding the most appropriate solutions, according to the characteristics of the wine and the desired outcome.

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